Scar Correction in Cádizs

Scar revision

We treat scars and aim to make them less visible, using a variety of technical resources which, in scientific terms, are known by the name of scar revision.

One or several consultations will settle your concerns and expectations once it has been decided that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, if applicable. Time will be requested in the operating theatre and an assessment made by an anaesthetist, if a general anaesthetic is required in your case.

The reviewing of scars includes a wide range of resources ranging from simple resection or recreating the wound to handle it more carefully this time, to more complex procedures such as Zplasty or Wplasty.

All scars, once operated on, undergo a normal process of maturing that can take a few months and even up to a year and a half. During this maturing process, you will initially see it isn’t very visible, it will then go through stages where it is a pinkish colour and hard, and finally it will slowly take its final aspect of being less visible and soft.

Reconstructive surgery Scars 2024

At Clínica García Graf, all our procedures are carried out by 2 surgeons, led by Dr. Elaine A. Graf de Miranda. As a consequence, our patients will obtain more safety, greater experience and better results in the interventions performed in our Clinic. The medical and human team is completed by a professional team of nurses and anaesthetists with more than 25 years of experience and specialised in all areas related to beauty, health and wellness.

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