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A large, hooked, or crooked nose, a nose with a pronounced bridge or thick tip, can be surgically operated on to give it a more harmonic shape and aesthetic. This operation is called rhinoplasty and consists of the reshaping of a person’s nose to give it a more anatomical shape and to match their facial features. There are multiple rhinoplasty techniques, although they tend to be encompassed by two types of procedures:

  • Open rhinoplasty: This requires an incision in the nasal columella to be able to deal more easily with the different structures of the nose.
  • Closed rhinoplasty: The incision is made in the nasal vestibule without the need to make a visible incision in the columella.

Depending on the type of patient, the plastic surgeon decides on one technique or the other for the best solution for the altering of the nose. Rhinoplasty is a surgical intervention that is mainly carried out on young people, although the age range is very wide. It is in the first decades of life that the nasal appendage is one of the objectives of sight and a central point of human relationships. When a person decides to undergo an operation on their nose, they should know all of the details of the operation, the advantages and possible complications, the plastic surgeon, the clinic where they will be operated on and the postoperative care.

Plastic Surgery Nose 2024

At Clínica García Graf, all our procedures are carried out by 2 surgeons, led by Dr. Elaine A. Graf de Miranda. As a consequence, our patients will obtain more safety, greater experience and better results in the interventions performed in our Clinic. The medical and human team is completed by a professional team of nurses and anaesthetists with more than 25 years of experience and specialised in all areas related to beauty, health and wellness.

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