Facial Lifting

As people get older, the effects of gravity, sun exposure and daily stress cause certain signs of ageing on the face, made worse by the habits of tobacco and alcohol. The creases between the mouth and nose become accentuated, the jaw line loses definition and the neck increases its flaccidity.

Liftings should be personalised for each patient. During the consultation, the surgeon will analyse your face, your skin type and your bone structure and will tell you the possibilities surgery offers you. The operations basically consist of “firming” the muscle layers and skin, removing the excess tissue. Each case may vary in terms of the placement and size of the incisions, the areas of the face that is to be improved, the use or not of supplementary techniques (blepharoplasty, profileplasty, etc.) and the duration of the operation.

After surgery, the post-operative period is not usually painful. The discomforts that generally appear are usually controlled well with standard painkillers. The dressings and drainage tubes are normally removed in 24 to 48 hours.


This consists of obtaining fat through liposuction, processing it and subsequently injecting it into the face to give volume and achieve facial rejuvenation.

Plastic Surgery Face 2023

At García Graf Clinic, all of our operations are carried out by 2 surgeons, Doctor Francisco José García Poch and Doctor Elaine A. Graf de Miranda. s a result, our patients will be safer, have more experience and better results in the operations carried out in our Clinic. The medical and human team is completed with a professional team of nurses and anaesthetists with more than 25 years of experience and specialised in all of the areas related to beauty, health and well-being.

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