Breast augmentation in Cadiz

Breast enlargement

A breast implant is a prosthesis used in cosmetic surgery to increase the size of the breasts or to carry out a breast reconstruction. There are two types of implants depending on the material used to fill them, with many different shapes and textures:

  • Saline
  • Silicone

Implants mainly come in two shapes:

  • Round: placed vertically they have the same width at the top and the bottom.
  • Anatomic: in the shape of a teardrop, meaning they are wider at the bottom.

In recent years, we have had a breast enlargement technique through the use of the patient’s own fat. We have the latest water jet assisted liposuction technology using BodyJet Evo. This method enables us to remove the fat by liposuction and through a refining process, we inject the fat into the breast, at this moment carrying out the breast enlargement by injecting fat.

Plastic Surgery Breasts 2023

Reductive mammoplasty

Women with large, sagging breasts can alleviate problems such as back pain and deformities, neck pain, irritated skin, among other symptoms. The procedure consists of reducing the size of the breast, but at the same time sculpting the breast to give it the best possible shape.

We recommend an overnight stay in our surgery centre. We usually perform these procedures under general anaesthesia. It is normal to feel some pain and swelling for the first few days, symptoms easily controlled with painkillers.


In many patients the problem is sagging of the breast skin accompanied by sagging of the entire breast, affecting the shape of the breast (breast ptosis). The procedure serves to lift and improve the appearance of the breasts without resecting breast tissue.

It is indicated for women who are not expressly aged but whose breasts have lost their youthful consistency due to the “after-effects” of pregnancy, breastfeeding, considerable weight loss, breast involution, loss of skin elasticity, etc.

The operation is always performed in a hospital environment, usually with general anaesthesia and a 24-hour hospital stay. In some minor cases the correction can be performed under local anaesthesia supported by sedation provided by the anaesthesiologist and on an outpatient basis.

Motiva Implants

At García Graf Clinic we are always committed to the safety and satisfaction of the patient in all of our operations. This is why, for this type of operation where we use breast implants, we work with Motiva Implants, one of the best brands of implants on the market. They are designed to facilitate the insertion of the implant through smaller incisions and to minimise inflammation. Also designed to simulate the natural appearance, feeling and movement of breasts, 100% filled with silicone gel to prevent undulations on the surface.

Motiva Implants provide safety and satisfaction to the patient, their principle features are::

  • Controlled surface: Uniform membrane, developed using 3D nanotechnology printing.
  • Next generation silicone gel: Silicone gels with optimised rheological properties, with controlled viscosity and elasticity. They offer an optimum performance, due to the fact that they are designed to prevent the gel from fracturing and to simulate the natural appearance and feel of breasts.
  • High performance membrane: The membrane used is designed to resist being torn and withstand force, so the implant does not rupture. It is accompanied by a barrier layer which enables the spreading of the silicone gel towards the tissues to be minimised, whilst at the same time offering safety to surgeons for the high quality of the implant.
  • Advanced technology: It has the first radio frequency identification microtransmissor authorised by the FDA for the unique identification of the device, which can be accessed externally. It provides greater peace of mind in the unlikely event that there is a problem of safety or withdrawal from the market. This helps to always guarantee the safety and well-being of the patient.
  • High rates of safety and satisfaction of patients.

At Clínica García Graf, all our procedures are carried out by 2 surgeons, led by Dr. Elaine A. Graf de Miranda. As a consequence, our patients will obtain more safety, greater experience and better results in the interventions performed in our Clinic. The medical and human team is completed by a professional team of nurses and anaesthetists with more than 25 years of experience and specialised in all areas related to beauty, health and wellness.

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