Baldness surgery: Hair micrografts

Alopecia or hair loss has very different causes which, when treated medically or when its irreversibility has been verified, can be remedied using surgical methods. Depending on its size and characteristics, different techniques can be applied such as scalp flaps or, more recently, expanders.


  • Autografts: Cylindrical grafts:
    • Micrografts: Minigrafts use 3 or 4 hairs per graft and in 2 hairs in micro-grafts. We use two techniques:
      • FUT Technique or strip harvesting: through which we remove a strip of the scalp from the occipital area.
      • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Technique: Through this technique micro-grafts are extracted from the occipital area. We use local anaesthetic and the surgery is on an outpatient basis.
  • Flaps
    • Inferior pedicle flaps: They are normally transversal flaps.
    • Superior pre and post auricular flaps: The superior pedicle us situated in the temporal-parietal area.
  • Expanders
    • This new technique, used in cases of medial alopecia and in partial alopecia due to burns, consists of defusing the areas of hair through tissue expanders to subsequently reposition the scalp so that the area without hair is gradually eliminated.
Plastic Surgery Baldness 2023

At García Graf Clinic, all of our operations are carried out by 2 surgeons, Doctor Francisco José García Poch and Doctor Elaine A. Graf de Miranda. s a result, our patients will be safer, have more experience and better results in the operations carried out in our Clinic. The medical and human team is completed with a professional team of nurses and anaesthetists with more than 25 years of experience and specialised in all of the areas related to beauty, health and well-being.

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