Rejuvenation Treatments in Cádiz

Here you will be able to find the different methods and aesthetic and plastic surgery operations we carry out at our clinic in Cádiz for the rejuvenation of the different parts of the body.

Facial fillers

It is possible to fill any facial area when it is suitable both in terms of the area to be treated and the filling used. The areas that are most commonly filled are the nasolabial folds (laugh lines), the profile of the lips, periocular wrinkles (crow’s feet), marionette lines and between the eyebrows.

There are 3 types of fillers: own tissue, reabsorbable material and permanent material. When using the patient’s own tissue, this is usually fat taken from the abdomen or hips which is processed and implanted as a graft. The fat graft has a reabsorption of 30% after 8 months. The reabsorbable substances are usually made of collagen or infiltrations for rejuvenation of animal or non-animal origin, the latter with a lower risk of allergic reaction.

After the treatments the area is slightly inflamed from the injections and some bruising may appear which will disappear after a few days.


Facial lipofilling in Cádiz (facial rejuvenation using fat grafting): Lipofilling is a very powerful weapon in facial rejuvenation. It can be used to give more prominence to the areas such as cheeks, chin or jaw. It can also be used to correct sunken cheeks or temples. It isn’t rare to carry out lipofilling to totally shape the face so that a global rejuvenation is achieved. In this respect, it is possible to slightly lift the facial tissues without needing to carry out a lifting or by carrying it out in a much less aggressive way than if a simultaneous lipofilling hadn’t been done. For all of these techniques, a large amount of fat is not necessary so relatively slim patients can benefit from it.

Chemical Peelings

This involves applying a chemical agent to the skin which accelerates the normal exfoliation process, afterwards producing a subsequent regeneration and improvement of its appearance. Peelings can be more or less deep depending on the problem being treated. They can be used to improve fine wrinkles, superficial pigmentations and even deeper wrinkles, seborrheic keratoses, acne scars, melasmas, etc.

Before carrying out a peeling, a treatment should be done to prepare the skin (especially in medium and deep peelings) with creams that will be applied at home for the purpose of improving the subsequent penetration of the product and to reduce its secondary effects.

After the treatment the skin will look healthier, it will be smoother and more elastic, reducing the signs of ageing, blemishes, fine wrinkles and small irregularities.

Resurfacing using fractionated co2 laser

CO2 Laser accurately and evenly removes the surface of the skin, layer by layer, enabling a clear definition and selection of the desired depth to be reached. The immediate contraction of the collagen fibres improves wrinkles and corrects skin flaccidity.

It is a very useful method of rejuvenation. The fractionated system enables a fast recovery, in one week. It can be applied to the entire surface of the skin (face, neck, cleavage, hands, etc.). It is suitable for any age, it can be repeated and can be combined with other techniques. It achieves an improvement in pigmented lesions (solar lentigo or senile lentigo), in wrinkles, dilated pores, it normalises the texture of the skin and acne scars.

Contrage Radiofrequency

Radiofrequency is a technique through which the emission of energy produces a heating of the skin. The combination of both energies (monopolar and bipolar) causes changes in the dermis and the subcutaneous tissue. This energy causes a contraction and realignment of the collagen (by partial denaturating) and neocollagenesis. Firming effect, returning firmness to the skin. The Subcutaneous thermolipolysis induced by RF, reduces cellulite and localised adiposities. It facilitates and boosts the destruction of fatty tissue, helping its movement and drainage, removing the deposits of fat in a non-invasive way. The contraction and realigning of the collagen and the synthesis of new collagen makes the skin smoother. The result is a firmer and younger skin. The bio-stimulator effect of the RF increases blood circulation and promotes the reabsorption and draining of retained fluids and toxins.

It is very useful as a post liposuction supplementary treatment.

Superficial mesotherapy

Mesotherapy consist of the superficial administration of drugs via the intradermal route.

Generally, different combinations of Vitamins and trace elements are used. Microinjections are carried out at a shallow depth and around the entire area being treated, each time administering minimal doses.

This technique is used for: cellulite, localised adiposity and facial ageing.

In cellulite and localised adiposity, we use drugs which favour lymphatic and circulatory drainage, lipolytic drugs and drugs which act on the connective tissue. We achieve an improvement in the look and quality of the skin and reduce the accumulations of fat. Follow up sessions are carried out every 3-6 months.

For facial ageing, we use drugs which produce a stimulation of the tissues so they recover their natural biological function. The result is a global rejuvenation, reaffirming and rehydrating of the skin, it also smooths wrinkles. A session is carried out every two weeks or every month.


We use a technique through which we remove fat using liposuction. Through a filter, we obtain a very diluted fat which, with mesotherapy techniques, are used to improve under-eye circles and eyelids.

Lymphatic drainage massage

It is very useful for treating problems of chronic venous insufficiency, cellulite or post liposuction.

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